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Home pages can be intensely introspective, inviting the Web wayfarer to study the warts on one's toes. If you're looking for that sort of casual intimacy, then I'm afraid that you're looking at the wrong site. If you really want me to drone on about my life, then dare to e-mail me and ask me more. Instead, I'd rather entertain, perhaps inform, you about some of my loves (although of the greatest, my family, I'll remain silent for now).

If you are still strong enough for a bit more homespun philosophy, I believe in the Renaissance Man (by which I mean human). I aspire to being a scientist, but eschew overspecialisation. If you cannot contribute in a number of disparate fields, then I think you should broaden your horizons! So here are some of mine, largely free of gratuitous visual adornment. Again, if you want a thousand GIFs on every page, you're going to be disappointed: I hope that the content justifies the bandwidth.

The Physiology & Medicine of Human Survival


Genetic Programming

Amateur Radio




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